Friday, October 10, 2008

The Ant and The Grasshopper

Do you remember the fable of The Ant and The Grasshopper. The ant worked hard and saved for the winter. The grasshopper did not save and when the winter came around he had nothing to eat and starved to death. In these bad times you may think you have a secure job, but how secure is your company, if those who buy your product are cutting back. Everyone should be prepared for bad times with at least 6 months of basic expenses in savings. You cannot afford to not be saving. If you get a bonus, you ought to save it. If you get a raise, you ought to save it. It is never a good time to be a grasshopper, but now most of all. The moral of the story: It is best to prepare for the days of necessity.
Don't be like the grasshopper and indulge your every whim.

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