Wednesday, September 10, 2008

Jasmine is 13

Strawberry Sorbet--"ice cream" that Ben can eat.

We also made the cake so that Ben could have some--a vegan chocolate. Jasmine is planning a pool party with friends later in the month--when there are no hurricanes threatening.

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robbin said...

Hi Jasmine and Margaret!!
Hope your BD was great, Jasmine. Desi (BD on 12th) and I were talking about a camping trip with Baker grandkids and Borden grandkids with grandparents. We could have a big camping trip next summer. We would have to plan now, though. What do you guys think? When Bill was here we discussed a camping trip Baker/Borden. I would love to add Robert, Jasmine, Desi and Leah (possibly Axel and Ben if GPs are up to it.) What say you all? I'm up for it. Frank and Bill found a great place to go up outside of Lassen. Frank said he would like to go camping there again and it would be a good family spot.
Talk to you soon.