Sunday, September 28, 2008

106 vs 3

Let us hope that bigger is better as the bill to bailout the credit crisis is now 106 pages vs 3 pages. I am trying to figure out what is different from the outline that was proposed last Thursday that fell through on McCain's and Congressional Republicans' objections. No bailout for homeowners in bankruptcy as Repubs felt that trial lawyers would benefit. I am not sure how as the option was to give judges the ability to restructure foreclosures that were part of bankruptcies and I am not aware that for most people these involve trial lawyers. Also there was another proposal to help homeowners that Republicans thought would help low income community organizers. They specifically designated Acorn which does not take federal money anyway. We have to make sure we do not help those "lucky ducky" poor. An insurance scheme that Republicans wanted is included, although it is seen as unworkable and there is no requirement to use it. Deal or No Deal?
Update: I think it is no deal, because not enough Republicans will vote for it and Democrats are not going to do it alone. I'm not even sure that there are enough Democratic votes to pass it. So hang on to your hat. We live in interesting times.

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