Thursday, April 28, 2011

Silver City NM and Tour of the Gila

It was windy over the top
and for our first day in Silver City. We ate out at Shevek our first night here. This is a great place for tapas. I thought 4 was the right number of tapas, but I think next time we are here I might try three. I took a picture of the dessert. I was too intimidated by the waiter to to take more pictures.
At least the winds die down for the start of the Tour of the Gila. We are here to help Jon's former team for at least the first two days, even though he won't be here.
We managed to look up Dick Markley and Gail. They have a lovely home high up in Silver City. This area is fine for horse-lovers. We met their foreign exchange student. A very nice young man named Ben from Finland. He goes home in June after 11 months in the USA. He says he basically loses a year of schooling at home, but it is a great experience. Gail did an excellent dinner of Mexican food.
We said good-bye to the boys after the race today. Maybe they will come to Nevada City.Blurry boys in the back of the bus from yesterday. Mike on the left and Greg on the right. At least you can see Greg's leg.

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