Sunday, April 10, 2011

Mammoth Cave

Yesterday we saw many red bud by the road. Today we saw tons of dogwood. We are not staying in the campground at Mammoth Cave even though it is much prettier than where we are. One word, electricity.
Diamond Caverns RV Resort says it is associated with Thousand Trails. Thousand Trails has come down a bit. The pool is green. They have stacked large rocks on some of the picnic tables to try to fix the warping. The hot water is slow and the drains back up fast. The wifi is only available in the "clubhouse" I am sitting at a ratty desk with major damage to the wall board. The exercise equipment is a couple of exercise bikes. I've seen better at yard sales. The Sauna is permanently locked and the spa has been broken for 3 years. Definitely downhill.
We went to Mammoth Cave this AM and went on the Historic Tour. It says moderate but I found it pretty strenuous at times.
Total Stairs 440 and a lot of them are straight up out of the bottom. 2 hours, 2 miles. We entered by the natural old entrance and saw the old mining areas. The bat guano was mined to make saltpeter in the 1800's for black powder manufacture and the Indians in ancient times mined the gypsum off the walls for unknown reasons. The narrow and low passages were not too bad. I got the most breathless climbing those stairs back up.

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