Monday, April 25, 2011

More Eating and Soaking in Truth or Consequences

Last night we ate out at our favorite restaurant Bella Luca. We shared a bruscetta. Then William had an Italian steak and I had cannelli beans and greens with a chicken cutlet.
We went out for lunch today to the Happy Belly Deli. It is a strange place. Great breakfast and lunch food but the ambiance is odd. I guess it was an old house. The no longer used windows are strangely boarded up. These lions probably did not originally have posts out of their backs nor face a weird fence. I keep hoping they might fix their patio. But no such luck.Balance a table leg on a rock and hope your chair with the leg in a hole is stable. William had a green chile philly sandwich and I had a tempeh reuben.This is just 1/2 as it was so good I ate half before taking a picture.
After much more relaxing and soaking we went back to Bella Luca. We shared fried calamari. They fry the rings then toss them with rings of pepperoncini chili peppers and bits of pimento pepper and then serve them on a bed of greens and dust them with chopped Italian parsley and Parmesan cheese. Unbelievable.William had pasta al pesto with chicken and I had special ravioli made by grandma. I brought 2 of the ravioli home to save room for dessert. Don't ask about the picture of the Tiramisu. Lady fingers layered with mascarpone and whipped cream filling topped with shaved chocolate and served with a pot of espresso and brandy sauce. It was eaten too fast for a picture. Tonight we had a special soak in one of the private tubs facing the river. Time to think about packing up and heading to Silver City tomorrow.

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