Sunday, April 17, 2011

Lazy Days in Illinois

We have been having a lovely time here in Litchfield. We are staying with Aunt Alice, Dad's younger brother's widow, a most gracious hostess. Because Ted was quite a bit younger than Dad and Alice married quite young, she is only 10 years older than me.

We had a lovely family get together of the Schneider side.

Cousin Sue and her son Ben

Scott came up from Florida. He comes up every once in a while. He cooked a huge Cuban style dinner.

A big motivation in coming was to visit mom's sister. At soon to be 97, she is the last remaining of the Whitlock brothers and sisters. She is in a large assisted living right now. She gets around quite well with her walker and has no major health problems, just a little short term forgetfulness. A drive with Ruth and cousin Patty out to the country had to take in the former Crabtree one room school house
where she taught for many years and the farm where Cousin Frank and his wife Patty live now.

Cousin Mary Kay was planning a gathering to visit Aunt Ruth this same weekend. So we pulled cousins out of the woodwork and had a gathering of 16, minus a few spouses who were busy and a few cousins out of state.
The venue was Aunt Ruth's favorite restaurant, the Ariston, in business on route 66 since 1924.

Today we are going to take Aunt Alice, cousins Janet and Sue out to lunch at the Ariston. It is the place to go in Litchfield.

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