Saturday, April 25, 2009

Destruction before Reconstruction

Dad is getting close to done with the dismantling of the deck. He says that a demolition team would have made short work of the job by cutting the deck up with chain saws and throwing all the wood away. But dad is taking out all the deck screws and saving the redwood. It can be reused for something.

The cats are having a lot of new climbing opportunities, although Sierra fell through the deck when she missed a leap up to the food table yesterday. Probably she is still not 100%, though she looks OK.

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robbin said...

Finally got our second bathroom back. Still have too many small things left to do on it, tho'.
Can't imgine what you guys are up against. I'm proud of you. I think to keep it light and to go to plays like the above is the best bet. Good job you guys!!!