Monday, August 13, 2012

Leaving Dawson City Behind

On our way out of town we drove up to Midnight Dome.  The Solstice Celebration is held here. But they are too far south to see the real midnight sun effect.
Bill on the Midnight Dome

The Pleasure Way at the Midnight Dome
Then we drove out Bonanza Creek to take the tour of Dredge #4.
This huge piece of machinery was run by only 4 men.  There was a large support crew to prep the ground. It gobbled up the stream gravel and sucked up the gold.

This jeep was part of a caravan on the Alaska Highway celebrating the 70th anniversary of the highway's construction.

Our campsite for the night at Tatchun Creek had lots of berries. Most were a variety of baneberry/snakeberry. Highly poisonous

In times past this was a fish camp for the local Tutchone indians. The creek then ran red with sockeye salmon.

The camp and the fire were very nice
8/12 Sightseeing along the way.
Five Finger Rapids was a famous dangerous rapid on the Yukon

Lake Leberge made famous by Robert Service 

The gold seekers floated down Lake Laberge on their way to the Yukon and Dawson City
We spent the night at Takhini Hot Springs and enjoyed the waters.

The waters were fine, but the outhouses were not.  Most outhouses in Alaska in campgrounds and rest stops are the newer type that are well ventilated. Outhouses are understandable in areas where plumbing would easily freeze. But in the Yukon the outhouses are of the old unvented type.  With this type you used lime to keep the odor down. But not here.

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