Tuesday, August 7, 2012

From Eagle to Dawson City

8/6 We leave Eagle at 10 AM Alaska time and the road is good and fast dirt. We are at the intersection to head to Dawson City in a short time. The road is partially paved with New York size potholes and some rough gravel after we cross into Canada. It took us just 4 hours to get to Dawson City. The posted travel time is 6 ½ hours. William drives fast when he has good roads.  When we get to the Yukon there is no bridge, just a small ferry. 
Here comes the ferry

Bill is watching

The ferry is almost to land

The cars unload

Our turn to get on

We are on the river

And quickly we are ready to land

 We are in the front of the line and while we wait we see a paddlewheeler going down the river. We decide that we will have a river cruise. Later we find out that cruise ships have bought up the day use of the boat and allow no one but their cruisers on during the day. We sign up for an evening cruise that may or may not be a go. They have to have at least 15 passengers.

We had our short cruise across the river on the ferry.

We search out the downtown RV park and sign up for 3 nights.
William, the old miner

Downtown to Sourdough Joe's for a late lunch that is later than we thought. Instead of putting our watches ahead when we pass into Pacific time, we set them back. So it was really almost 4 PM when we ate lunch. No wonder we were hungry.

Time to rest and clean up. Time to look at my desktop elves.
Walking around Dawson City we see a lot of interesting leaning buildings.
Bill is in front of "Guns and Ammo"

 Continuing to tour around Dawson City today, we went to presentations at the Robert Service Cabin and the Jack London Cabin.
The Robert Service Cabin with the docent in front. Pretty nice 2 room cabin.

The Jack London Cabin was much rougher.  The cabin was divided between here and Oakland. Oakland got the lower logs and Dawson got the upper logs.

London's was a real miner's cabin inside.

This evening we went for a dinner cruise on the Klondike Spirit.
boat graveyard. With roads and planes these boats were not wanted.

A Yukon cave dweller

Boat shadow on the big Yukon River

Bill and the Klondike Spirit

Klondike Spirit

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