Wednesday, August 8, 2012

Friends in Dawson City

The day started ordinarily enough for us. We arose late and I managed to cook the eggs perfectly.  The first stop on our continuing tour of Dawson City was a film at the Visitor Center. Then we walked over for the guided tour of the Palace Grand Theatre.
The Palace Grand Theatre

We show up just before the daily tour at 11:30 and head to the bar (no drinks served). Bill was commenting on how the bar was made of oak when a tall gentleman leaning against the bar said, "Don't I know you?"  I looked over and threw myself at him saying, "Bryan!"  It was Bryan Willmon whom we had not seen since the early 70's. My next comment was,  "Where is Carol?" Then it was hugs for Carol.
The Bakers and the Willmons at the bar of the Palace Grand Theatre

They started their Alaska trip the third of July with 2 other couples and have been rving across Alaska practically right behind us.  After the theatre tour we went out to lunch for some catching up.  Both of their boys are married and living in the San Diego area.  Carol retired as a teacher from the Groveland school district where she took over the first grade from me after I had Valerie.
We wound up spending most of the day together.
After lunch we went to the Greatest Klondiker Contest back at the theatre.
We said our goodbyes and planned to meet again at their place in Groveland in October.
Bill and I walked along the riverside and I took a picture of the clear water of Bonanza Creek coming into the silty waters of the Yukon. The Yukon is silted up by the glacial waters of the White River.
The blue water next to the near shore is Bonanza Creek and the  muddy water  next to the far shore is the Yukon
We were headed to the Commissioner's Residence at the other end of town.  We got there prior to the docents and were among the first in. We went upstairs to look around and enjoyed an informative film about Martha Black "the first lady of the Yukon."  As the movie was ending we saw Bryan and Carol again.  They had planned to go out to Dredge #4 but had changed their mind and showed up here.
Bill in front of the Commissioner's House

Me up on the balcony

Bill in the Antler Chair
Bryan suggested we go out for a drink before we separate again.  So we head over to the Downtown Hotel Bar.
I see they have a special drink, the sourtoe special. So I ask to order it. But it is not served until 9 PM. Good thing as Carol explains to me what it is.  It is an actual pickled human toe that is served in the drink. You have to drink the drink and kiss the toe.  You are not allowed to eat the toe. Ugh!
Good safe travels to the Willmons as they are leaving tomorrow and we are staying a couple more days.

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