Monday, July 23, 2012

WEIO and Alaskaland

7/22 We again went to the World Eskimo Indian Olympics.
Bernard Clark from Wasilla came in second in the bench reach.  You place a wooden peg as far out as you can reach then sit back up without touching the floor. You have to be very agile and strong.

This old couple guarded the seal oil lamp.

Miss WEIO from Point Hope on her throne.

Fancy tricks on the blanket toss.

Kyle from Anchorage did not win, but we cheered for him. We met him at the Cultural  Center in Anchorage where he demonstrated games.
7/22 We spent today at Alaskaland in Pioneer Park in Fairbanks.  We watched the end of the duct tape boat race.

This possum boat was one of the last to finish.
Free burgers with the governor.
The Artic Cats band from the nearby military base.

An old riverboat

In the boat they had dioramas of all the towns it served. This is Fort Yukon.

Ranger cabin from the first head of Denali National Park.
The Bathtub race

More bathtub racers
The sled dog racer

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