Saturday, July 7, 2012

Seward and back to Anchorage

July 3
We hiked up to the base of Mt Marathon in Seward. Over to the left in the photo is the recommended beginning trail through the trees. Straight up is the cliffs path, not recommended especially in the rain as the rocks are slippery.

 We walked on and after finding the pink lupine we found a jeep trail and another trail that were easier ways up part of the mountain. 

 We would have hiked up if it had not been raining so hard.
The rain continued that night. At midnight we went out to watch the fireworks. We thought they might have been closer to the water, but they were north of the harbor.
July 4
The lovely murals all over town have been freshened up. This is a great one about the Mt Marathon race.

 We missed the women taking off, but this is the winner of the woman's race.

At three the men took off in two packs. They soon looked like ants on the mountain.

 One man fell off a steep part coming back down and another man has not been found yet. This is rugged Alaska.
July 5
On our way back to Anchorage we stopped at Indian Valley Meats.
Mmmm Meat

 It had been recommended to us as a great place to get exotic meats. Local hunters take their animals here to have the meat processed. We got various sausages of bison and reindeer and some ground bison. The wind surfers were out and awaiting the bore tide as the low tide was at a maximum this afternoon.
July 6
First we headed to the Alaska Native Heritage Cultural Center. We spent most of the day here. In the Gathering Place we had an orientation and then watched Alaskan Native Games and Songs and Dancing. We then went on a tour around the whole place.
Every pole tells a story

The cottonwood tree fluff looked like snow

food storage cache to keep it out of the reach of bears

Aleut mask

Making a kayak, old design with modern materials

Carvings in the Tlinget house

William liked them all

I especially liked Raven in front of the Center

 After lunch we went back around every thing again. John Baker's dog team was here to give rides. He is a winner of the Iditarod sled dog race.

 I got to hold one of the new puppies. 

 These are Alaskan Huskies.

When they are not training or working they are chained to their house

 They are short furred, not the Siberian husky used in Disney movies. These dogs do like to run fast.
I went on a ride in a wheeled sled

William took pictures as we raced around

I rode behind a family from San Francisco

Me in the sled

It was a fun ride

William and I and the dogs

 They can eat 12,000 calories a day when they are working.

Later today we tracked down where Chris McGovern lived in Anchorage long ago. 521 N Street is now the home of the Averys.
521 N Street Anchorage Alaska

Me in front of Chris Mcgovern's former house in Anchorage
We continue having fun in Alaska.

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