Wednesday, July 25, 2012

Two More Fun Days in Fairbanks

Yesterday, 7/23, we spent much of the day at the University of Alaska Fairbanks Museum of the North. We overstayed the parking pass of 4 hours. But I bet the parking guards are not too tough on obvious tourists.
The campus has a lovely view of the city and the building is very dramatic. Ravens love to dive and play off of the “cliff” face.

We paid extra for the movies and the recorded commentary. Worth the price.
Bill and Otto

Many small houses outside of town are dry cabins.  Hard to keep plumbing from freezing. This is a sample fancy Alaska outhouse.
Ravens in Pink

Curious bear

Me and the raven chick (made of nails)

Today, 7/24, we went on the Discovery Stern wheeler down the Chena River.
Before we went out we had plenty of time in the Gift Shop. We tried the 40 below zero experience. They close you in a freezer for a few minutes.
Inside the 40 below experience I felt like my nose hairs were  freezing.

 They ran two boats this morning about 10 minutes apart as they had about 1000 people. Then they ran the same boats for the same number this afternoon. It is a short trip, but packed with lots of interesting sights and stops along the way.

 A super cub pilot demonstrates water landings and take offs. Susan Butcher's dogs did a demonstration pull.
Off they go pulling 600 pounds.


 We disembarked for 4 different presentations at the Indian/fish camp. The presenters were native UA students.
Modeling a beautiful Eskimo parka

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