Friday, February 20, 2015

Second Week in Puerto Vallarta

In the afternoon we go over to the beach side pool. Most day people have left and there are plenty of chairs available. We order drinks at the two for one happy hour prices and enjoy the last bits of sun. Also, shopping with our favorite beach peddler. Then on to the hot tub before dinner.
We made it down to the Oasis for a meal. Octopus tacos were not on the menu. This place is much larger than the tiny beach stand it was. I guess they have fought the big new high rise hotels for the right to be here next to the Rio Pitillal. Still pretty good and cheap.
We made it back before the rain hit. It rained pretty hard for a couple of hours. The water poured out of the balcony drain spouts and the paths were a bit flooded. We were cozy and safe. Lots of thunder and lightning.
Downtown at Coexist Bistro for lunch. After another shopping trip to the Municipal Market.
Walking back along the Malecon past a statue to dancers.

Downtown in the evening for Mardi Gras, upstairs at a Cuban restaurant, La Bodeguita Del Medio. Puerto Vallarta and Havana. Unclear where Hemingway hung out, but I am sure it was the restaurant in Havana. I keep trying to find good Cuban food. I am told it exists. Maybe in Cuba.

 After dark we are treated to a Gay Pride Parade. Hard to take pictures of a parade especially in the dark. The crowd was light here at the start of the Malecon. Tables around us had come prepared with masks and beads. We had plenty we could have brought, if we has thought about it.
Last meal from the chicken dinner from the Pollo shop across the street. Chicken salad tostada for lunch. We had two dinners and two lunches from that huge chicken and fixings. We now have tons of leftovers from our trip to the new Argentinian restaurant across the street. The servings of meat were huge. The Circus that was in the lot next to it has left to be replaced by a huge carnival. Kid magnet. 

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