Wednesday, February 11, 2015

First Week in Puerto Vallarta

I need to write something after a week in Mexico. But mostly we have been relaxing. The weather here has been quite mild. High 70's and low 80's. An old neighbor, Chief, from Canada, like many of the people here, complained that it was not hot enough. Saw him wearing a jacket once. The average age here looks to be over 50.

The front of the resort has been remodeled. They took down building seven which was next to the street and put in big fountains.

 The rooms have updated furniture and a bright Mexican color scheme. The first resort, to the left front, Villa del Mar, which had fixed week, fixed room, ownership will eventually be taken down and replaced with higher rise buildings. The owners had 30 year ownership and they are not being offered any renewal. It was built in the 80's.
On our 4th floor balcony

Just the two of us.

We went grocery shopping right away across the street. I have to remember that the grocery store has been Soriana for at least 20 years. When we first came it was Gigante. I like the Soriana. Good produce and good prices. We took a cab home as we planned. Because we bought too much for William to carry.

We've eaten out a few times. Usually saving half the meal for another time. I still have half the prime rib in the frig.

After the first day I have managed water aerobics every day.

Today I couldn't because of the Fiesta last night. I should never have a tequila shot and two margaritas. Ouch. But it was my idea to go. The dancing was fun, but we were tired and left before the mariachi band was done.

We made it downtown once so far. I did a bit of shopping in the big Municipal Market. We plan to go back Friday. Walking down from the Rio Cuale, we passed Langostinos, site of the grand Baker Borden wedding reception, but didn't stop.
 We were heading for La Palapa, a very old and high ranking restaurant.  The appetizer I had of barbecued octopus was fantastic.
La Palapa
This new pier reminded us of the lovely Sundial Bridge in Redding.
This large wall is around a school. It is decorated is mosaics all over. Individuals and businesses donated to the decor.
 No Urbanos just means no city traffic.

We still need to walk down the beach to the Oasis. I remember the octopus tacos I scared Leah with. Very delicious. 

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