Tuesday, October 7, 2014

Traveling West: Vermont

Still in New Hampshire we find that the Stark covered bridge is under repair.

We had a nice fire, then it rained that night. But we had everything under cover.

Old man of the mountain, the symbol of New Hampshire, is just a memory. The rocks broke off the mountainside
about 11 years ago.

At Franconia notch we took a short hike.

Stillwater covered bridge is still in New Hampshire.
As we leave Stillwater, I spot a cat cemetery near a small house. I guess these were their own cats. Hemingway had a cat cemetery at his house in key west. I think I can make cat and dog memorials out of those granite sink cut outs. Dad thinks it is a great idea and will find places to site them.

Ben and Jerry's is a mandatory tourist stop. We took the tour and got a small sample.
Some odd flavor ideas in the flavor lab.

The Cowmobile was a publicity idea that actually worked best when the original burnt up.

The flavors that are stopped for one reason or another are "buried" in the flavor graveyard.

Wavy Gravy flavor bit the dust.
In the driveway leading to the Ben and Jerry's RV parking we had an incident. If you see an RV long as a semi with a tag vehicle on the end heading for you on a narrow driveway back up and head for cover. Unfortunately we didn't and have a new scrape to show for it. The RV kept going. 

Little River state park on Waterbury reservoir

Waitsfield covered bridge. This one we almost drove past. We swooped down into a driveway just past the bridge and found a nice spot for a selfie.

We actually drove over Covered Bridge Road in Warren,  Vermont. There are so many covered bridges in the northeast. They each have a number on the covered bridge map. We just happen upon some occasionally.

Moss Glen falls from the roadside.

The Vermont Country Store is a stop for every tourist and tour bus. We stopped too. It is a fun store. We found a few things we wanted.

Winhall Brook Camping Area. We are skating the Vermont campfire rules of no fire higher than 2 feet.

Bennington Vermont had a lot of sites. The Museum has a nice collection of Grandma Moses paintings.

The Bennington Monument commemorates the Battle of Bennington August 16,1777 when the Green Mountain Boys trounced the British, mostly Hessian troops.  It is 306 feet high and you can ride up to a viewing platform 20 stories up.
A view from the viewing platform.

The Old First Church in Bennington was a Congregationalist gathering established in 1762.

This current church remains as it was since it was dedicated in 1806. The downstairs has family boxes and the balcony on the right side was for teenage girls and other unmarried women. The boys were on the other side. The back of the balcony was for prisoners from the jail who were marched in for church every Sunday. Until the Constitution established the separation of church and state, the church and state were one. Everyone in Bennington went to this church.  Other churches were established in nearby towns later to serve other denominations.
 Robert Frost's grave is in the old graveyard in back of the church. I also noticed many graves marked as of revolutionary war soldiers.

We are camped next to a little artificial lake with a lit fountain spray in the middle. Pine Hollow Campground not far from Bennington.

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