Thursday, October 2, 2014

Traveling South: New Hampshire

USA Rest stop sign
If states are interested in saving money, they could privatize rest stops. In Canada you see a sign for a rest stop, but it leads you to a gas station and fast food place with a restroom labeled Public restroom. There may also be a rack of travel brochures. That also makes it an information stop.

As we head South we not only see lovely trees turning all colors from brown and yellow to orange and red we see stuffed images outside of houses and businesses.

Halloween house decor

We took a short hike involving about 100 stone steps on a trail to Glen Ellis Falls.

I still like the selfie William took of the two of us best.

We stopped to look at the White Mountain Resort.
This was the site of the Breton Woods conference in July of 1944. Forty five countries were in attendance. The point was to work out the function of a world banking system. Norway, the USA (FDR) and many other European countries wanted to dissolve the World Bank because it had been involved in money laundering of Gestapo money and assisting in the German looting of occupied countries. But the UK and other countries and representatives of banks wanted it kept. So in the gold room everyone signed to set up the International Monetary Fund.
William and the 45 flags of the countries in attendance
Even in front of this fancy old resort there are Halloween stuffies. 

Tomorrow we hope the weather is fine for our trip up to the top of Mount Washington on the cog railway.

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