Sunday, May 1, 2011

Leaving Las Vegas

Since we are not Las Vegas affectionatos, we left via the highway and headed to Tacopa Hot Springs. But wait, there is the road to China Ranch Date farm. Deeper down in a wash than we remember. Good thing there has been no rain lately. I exit to the friendly advances of the resident weimaraner. It wants to hop in the RV to greet William, but is obedient when he says no. Then some other people come over with a small white fluff dog. The weimaraner wants to make friends and play. The little dog rolls over to play and its oblivious owners keep walking for a bit dragging it in the dust. Hysterical. Everyone else here seems to have come for a date milkshake. We bought some Deglet Noor dates, a small date loaf and some syrup. We have done the tour before so we head on to the hot springs. An hour of soaking in the miracle cure hot springs is good for what ails us.
Refreshed we drive on down the road. The Owens Lake basin looks better every time we see it. The City and County of LA are doing their best, under court order, to rehab their destruction. I still would never live in the town of Keeler.
Not a big flower year in Death Valley, but I would love to stay in the Furnace Creek Inn someday.
A fast drive through Death Valley still marveling at the scenery for the umpteenth time. We tool into the Boulder Creek Resort outside of Lone Pine and settle in to our #12 spot in the shadow of Mt. Whitney.

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