Sunday, January 25, 2009

Time to invest?

We know that money invested in the stock market grows about 6 times better under Democratic presidents----that's if you exclude Hoover. It's really worse if you include Hoover. 10k=11k if invested under only Republican presidents including Hoover. 10k invested under only Democratic presidents = 300K.
So now is the time to invest. But you still have to be careful. Bank stocks are a bad idea. A good idea is tech companies that do hospital/medical information systems. Also some of the companies that sell cheap stuff are still doing well, Walmart and McDonalds. Do Grocery Outlet and SaveMart sell stock? Home security companies may still do well, but companies that sell security to the government will do less well as the government edges away from privatization. Companies that specialize in green energy may do well, but since many will be jumping into this field some will do well and some will fail. New energy technologies are a good bet, if you can find the right ones.
Add health insurance companies as a bad investment. Probably drug companies as well.

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