Monday, January 12, 2009

Out of Work?

Apply for the best job in the world as a caretaker at Hamilton Island at the Great Barrier Reef. The job is basically as a promoter of tourism at the various islands of the reef by blogging about your adventures and the great time you have on the island, but you get your own island home free of rent and ~$100,000 salary (paid as 70,000 pounds). The house is a
$5m villa perched 80 meters up a ravine, overlooking the narrow azure channel where humpback whales migrate in September.

A Bond villain-esque golf buggy sits idle in the drive, awaiting the arrival of its new owner, who must also become accustomed to travel by powerboat, jet-ski and yacht. Just around the corner, Whitehaven Beach is regularly voted among the top 10 in the world for its 98 per cent pure silica sand.

Candidates have until 22 February to apply at, submitting a 60-second (or less) video clip explaining why they should get the job. They must speak English and have "excellent communication skills", a "desire for adventure" and "passion for the outdoors". There is talk of a cut-off point at 30,000 applications...

So get busy on that video.

This reminds me of when dad and I applied for the job of teacher and island administrator of Pitcairn island in 1976. Except that would have been a lot of work and living conditions would not have been plush.

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