Monday, December 15, 2008

Snow Still Falling

Looks like maybe 6+ inches and still falling. No snowplow. No school traffic. No Newspapers. It's very quiet. Sam cat breaks a trail up to his belly on the back porch. Wm has shaken off some plants but they are still bent heavy. We are burning wood in the proposed to be eliminated fireplace. We have lots of small wood from all the trees that we had cut down. At least we no longer have snow-laden trees that overhang the house. Wm wonders if the mail will come today. I am running on battery as I have noticed a few power flickers as heavy branches overhang power lines. Of course if the power goes off I won't have the wireless will I.

A snowed-in car in the driveway. Not going anywhere today.
I just noticed that a huge branch from the weed tree (mimosa) in the front yard that Robert liked to climb is now lying in the road. Wm says that is the road's problem and he is glad it was not over a few feet where it would have taken out our power line.

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