Monday, December 29, 2008

Next Generation Cyclocross Racer

Ben Turpen, brave and fearless at three, rides with no training wheels. Pic swiped from Richard's Facebook page. I have had to join Facebook just to keep up with what the children have to say.
Found a blog of an elite rider currently at Cyclocross Camp and racing in the same races as Jon, Brian Matter. He is a good and chatty blogger and is giving links to the races so you can watch them live. It will be a trial to get up early enough to watch as the elite men's race begins at 3 PM Belgium time, which is 6 AM Pacific Coast Time.
Update: Ben rode all the way to the creek. Val has to act as spotter as he is just learning the brakes and turning this bike. But he is going to be a junior racer just as I dreamed. In how many--10 years? assuming I am around when I am 75.

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