Saturday, October 1, 2016

Virginia Lakes

Maybe part of the goal of this trip has been getting away from electronics. In Bridgeport we had wifi but no cell phone coverage. Here in Virginia Lakes we have neither. I'm getting caught up on book reading. We were only going to stay for 2 days, but have extended for 4.
Me at camp at Trumbull Lake
William at Trumbull Lake
Lots of Wildlife
Looking back at the campground
Little Virginia Lake hike from the Virginia Lake resort
Leave  the camp for a minute and the wildlife move in

Big Virginia Lake

Big Virginia Lake

Big Virginia Lake

Old miner's cabin
Frog Lake

William at Frog Lake in Hoover Wilderness
Lots of pretty foliage, but would have been nicer if it hadn't been so dry. Many leaves turn color and then blow off. If the summer had been even a bit damp, the colors would have been brighter and the leaves would have stayed on longer.

As we left, a Pleasure Way RV identical to ours pulled up to take our space. It was a 2006, we are a 2004, but they looked identical. Small world.

We are at June Lake now. We won't stay longer than the two nights we booked. Weather is heading our way. We need to scoot back over the pass tomorrow to beat the storm.

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