Tuesday, February 16, 2016

2/14/16 Off on a short trip in the RV. The snow in the mountains is melting.
You could see rivulets glistening on the snow. Because of the long weekend there were skiers at the resorts, but with the mild temperatures the snow had to be slushy. Spring skiing in February. We better get more snow or the “normal” snow pack will melt away.
Over on the beige side of the mountain there is not much to see. We'd planned to have a Basque lunch at TJ's in Gardnerville, but it is closed. We've eaten there often, but never came through Gardnerville on a Sunday. So we go across the street to the Overland. Nice lunch, but we were thirsty in the dry air and filled up on water. We'll share the rest of lunch for dinner.
We planned to stop way before Bishop, but parks are closed for the winter. So here we are in Bishop. The JDiamond RV Ranch is not bad. This is our first time here. There are low rent permanent Mobile Home dwellers near the back. But up here in the front it's fine for over nighters. It's right in back of ErickSchat's Bakkery. 
 A channelized fork of Bishop Creek runs through the park with a fairly large population of resident ducks. They come up to Bill to politely beg. Even though I have plenty, I am reluctant to open a new loaf of bread for”duck bread”, so I say no to the ducks.
Tomorrow we have a short run to Lone Pine and the Alabama Hills.
2/15/16 Up for a walk to Erick Schat's Bakkery.
 I'm glad Bill scoped it out yesterday, since it is packed and I would not have known which line to get in. The line for coffee and breakfast type goodies stretches all around one side of the shop. The better to tempt you along the way. Savory tempts me more than sweet, so we get breakfast sandwiches. A breakfast sandwich on a bagel is very filling. Maybe over filling is the word. Then we line up on the other side to get sandwiches to go. I might have been more adventurous in my choice of sandwich. But I was awfully full. We got whole sandwiches, so we could have half for lunch and half for dinner. I am vacationing from cooking so far on this trip.
Just past Manzanar we find the dirt road to the north entrance to the Alabama Hills. Nice that the road has been recently graded. Only mild washboard. The place that we first chose to stop for the day will live in infamy as being too narrow for the RV.
 The damage will cost us a nickel for permanent repairs. But we worked together to patch things up. So far all is working fine.
 At dusk, all in one piece, we head across the hills to Lone Pine and Boulder Creek RV Park. All the weekend crowd has left, so we get our favorite site. We arrive in time to use the spa, which is actually hot.
2/16/16 Today is a lazy day. Making friends with the scruffy black cat. Then finding it inside on the table! Out! Out!
 Wandering around the mostly empty RV park. Just the way we like it. I'll have to cook today, but I'd rather do that than go into town. The Sierras from the east side definitely look sparse with snow and the sun blazed huge and hot in the cloudless sky this afternoon.