Thursday, August 28, 2014

Traveling East: Nebraska

We left on Tuesday morning the 26th. Our first night was in Wells, NV. Then on to Rawlins, WY. Wyoming was very cold and we broke out the down comforter. Glad I washed it after Ben and  Toby borrowed it camping at Fallen Leaf Lake.
Today we caught up with the storm we have been following . Heavy rain and poor visibility in Wyoming. We see lots of huge oils tanks and a Sinclair processing plant in Sinclair, WY.
The land looks like it does not usually get this much rain, short grass and scrub, occasional black cows, one group of long horns and some dusky gray horses.
We hope for sun as we enter Nebraska, but it is still overcast. Out of the rain for now.
Lots of fleet trucks on I80 and all of them are hiring drivers. William says long haul truckers often don't last long.
This is a trailer tail. We see them on a few trucks. Something to improve aerodynamics.
Seems like most of I80 is under construction. At least a quarter of the time we are traveling on a two lane road.
Corn as far as the eye can see and then a feed lot.  The corn does not look too tall and the plants are very crammed together.
We stopped at a rest stop in Ogallala for lunch. Warm and humid here and lots of flies. A little lady Fed Ex driver admired our Pleasure Way van. She was on a break, driving a double trailer truck back and forth across the country. Said most of her social life is at truck stops or rest stops. A hard life.
As we pull out I spot the flies tap dancing on the table searching for crumbs.
Tonight we are in North Platte NE. Grandpa Al came from here, but we don't know anyone who lives around here anymore. Just saw another Pleasure Way pull in to the Holiday RV Park.
Our Pleasure Way, the PW.

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