Monday, June 2, 2014

From LA to Home the Long Way

We headed toward 395 and the east side of the Sierras, our favorite way to drive home.  We had made reservations at Boulder Creek RV Resort. Good thing, as it was crowded with people from all over the world, well USA and Germany, celebrating Memorial Day.  Our usual spot, #12, was taken, but #10 was OK.  We joined the crowd at the pool and hot tub.  The staff is not much on crowd control. They just hope everyone behaves.
The 26th looks like it will be too hot for going to the Alabama Hills so we head out Lubken Canyon Road to Horseshoe Meadows Road and then up the mountainside. We are very high up at over 10,000 feet. There is a large nice parking area at the end of the road where we set up for the day.
 William goes off for a hike in search of Golden Trout. When have I heard that before? Probably 1976. Not enough oxygen up here for me to be hiking. Even William admits to having to sit and rest on his way back. But he went on a long hike and says he spotted the elusive trout.
While we are sitting in the RV with the door open and William is reading and telling me about his adventures a golden mantled ground squirrel jumped into the RV. William yelled and I screamed as it ran toward me. Luckily I had my legs up. It was running fast, but I could see the stripes on its back. It seemed huge. As I screamed GET IT OUT, GET IT OUT, it ran back out the door. 
On the way back we stop at a memorial spot in the road. Back in the 50's when they were building this road an equipment operator had a heart attack. Nothing could be done back then. Horseshoe Meadows.
Newspaper letter about Walt's Point.  Sierra Paragliding. You can float 60 miles from here to Bishop.
The view is pretty scary for me, so naturally William stops and goes climbing.

On the 27th it was cooler so we head to the Alabama Hills.  Amazing to think of the times we have come here and found the ground covered with flowers. Too late for flowers here. But it is still lovely.

We have seen some flowers on our desert travels the last few days. Mariposa lilies,
 indian paint, lupine, pussy paws,
sunflowers, princes plume,
globe mallow, and white poppies.
We had paid for a third night at the RV park, but they forgot to mark us down for the same spot. So we would have had to take #9. I noticed that #12 was empty, so we told them we would take that one.  Up to the pool and spa. But the spa is not hot. A couple there who had been at Mule days in Bishop said that the resort had turned off the heat when too many children were playing in it. No children now so we got them to turn the heat back on.
On the 28th we take off for the Bristlecone Pines. We had driven up here before, but the road was blocked by snow.  I wonder when the visitor center is open. Maybe only on the weekends?
Our campsite for the night is down in the pinion pines outside the area of the bristlecones at Grandview campground.

The 29th we head to Lake Tahoe to check out some campsites we have reserved at Fallen Leaf Lake for this summer. We thought we might spend a night at Tahoe. If it had been Nevada Beach, I would have said yes. But we decide to head on home.

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