Saturday, January 26, 2013

Flight to India

We flew a great circle route on Singapore Airlines. A huge 787. I was so thrilled to be flying over Alaska. Seeing it so frozen when we were just there this past summer.
Frozen Yukon

This is what the Yukon looks like frozen solid from high above.
We flew over South Korea, also quite frozen. They must have strict regulations on land use as it did not look like they were using their farmland for housing.  Mainly high density housing and lots of frozen farmland terraced up the hills and on the flats and next to the river.  Very brown now in winter. A brief stop in Seoul.
We spent 6 1/2 hours in Singapore. Long enough to rent a transit room, have a shower and a nap.
Singapore airlines is a nice airline. But leaving San Francisco on Thursday and arriving in Delhi, India on Saturday makes for a long flight.
We have met our tour group for dinner and begin the tour of Delhi in the morning. Temples and more temples. Shoes on and off. I think I'll wear sandals.

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