Sunday, September 9, 2012

On to Highway 395

We spent our first night at Nevada Beach. Surprisingly full.  We were near the back, but just carried our gear down to the lake.
William at lunch at the Beacon Grill at Camp Richardson

The geese were waiting for us

Me at the beach

William in Lake Tahoe
We took the June Lake cutoff to Gull Lake where we spent the night. Lots of LA money here.
Lots of wildlife here like ground squirrels

The Owner of the Dollar Tree chain built this little getaway place

The ducks are looking for a handout. I held out my hand and got my fingers chomped. Good thing ducks have no teeth

We saw a male, a female and a daughter.

William waded a bit. Even though the water was warn, it was murky and he washed off his legs.
We woke up in the morning to find that wildlife of another variety had invaded a neighboring camp.
When I saw this on the road I knew it was bear scat.
A couple of tenters a few spots down from us had left cans and boxes of unopened food in a cardboard box under a tarp.  There is a bear box at every site since this is a tent campground.  The bear easily opened the cans and boxes. Ate his fill and waddled away.  Now this campground and the houses around have a "problem" bear.  Poor thing.
We took another side trip to Convict Lake. Very pretty and very crowded at the edge.
In 1871 three convicts escaped from the Carson City State Penitentiary and were tracked to where they were holed up here.
On to the Alabama Hills

We spend the rest of the day here

William goes rock climbing and says he needs some rock climbing gloves for the Grand Canyon.

The clouds lift over Mt Whitney. The clouds have kept us cool today. Looked like there was a sprinkle of rain somewhere up there.

It is so nice to be back in the Pleasure Way with the world for our back yard.  After a mad dash down Lubkin Canyon Road in the early dusk, we arrive at Boulder Canyon RV park in time for a free salad buffet. We take our salads and desserts back to the RV and change for a dip in the spa. For once it is hot, about 104 degrees. Our salad dinner later is just fine.  On to Death Valley!

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