Sunday, April 29, 2012

Three Days Closer to Alaska


This morning we spent an enjoyable couple of hours in the warm mineral pool at Kah-nee-tah. I thought to get some exercise by treading water in the 10 foot deep end. The only problem with this is I float well anyway and even better in highly mineralized water. I was out there more than ½ hour. Maybe I got some exercise.

We took off at about one intending to go on a back road through the reservation, but we had forgotten that we turned off the main road to get to Kah-nee-tah. We had to turn around and backtrack a few miles.

After we crossed the Columbia we went up to the Stonehenge replica that Samuel Hill built as a memorial to the local World War I dead. We were here before in 1979. We took the kids out of school in 2/79 and traveled up here for a spectacular total solar eclipse. Our first ever. We watched it from the parking lot of the Maryhill Art Museum.

After visiting the replica we decided to camp nearby at Peach Beach Campark. A few geese here and 13 babies. I don't think 13 will make it to adulthood. Maybe 2 or 3. But geese can't count, so it will be OK.

Now I am finally posting.  My laptop was having a problem and it took the high speed internet here at Peach Beach to fix it.

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