Tuesday, May 11, 2010

We came home on the 10th of May

Quite a bit of snow out there
Snow is sticking to the windshield and our one bent wiper isn't helping

Monday the 10th of May we woke up to sunshine at the Carson Valley Inn in Minden NV. Since we were out of good breakfast food, we went over to the casino cafe for breakfast. The decision of the day was when to try to go home.
It looked like the storm hanging over the peaks would last too long into Tuesday, so we decided to try to beat the storm home. We encountered a fair amount of wind going up 395, but only traces of snowflakes before we turned up 80 and headed for home.
We had to beat the chain control as our small RV has neither 4 wheel drive or snow tires and we were carrying no chains.
It was snowing quite a bit but not sticking to the road as we came through the Agricultural check point and Wm asked about chain control. No, not yet we were told. So on we went as the snow was sticking more to the road side and trees.
Then the traffic slowed to a crawl and what's that--Chain Monkeys. And the sign vehicles must have chains or 4 wheel drive and snow tires. We keep on going. All there is on the road is a bit of slush.
Finally we get to the guy who can wave us on or send us off. He says 4 wheel drive right? Wm slightly nods and we are waved on. Well we are a heavy looking vehicle and our tires are large and heavy looking. So on we go. Wm is an experienced snow driver and there is still only a bit of slush on the road. Wm says we would slide if we don't go slow or brake suddenly. So we keep it under 40. Unlike some maniacs who blow past us. We see one later with a crushed front end.
It's a slow trip over the mountain and we keep on going past the highway 20 exit. Too much snow for that winding road. We take 174 where the road is only damp.
Later on we hear that the summit got 5-10 inches. We never saw more than 3. We could not have faked our way through 5-10 inches. So we got home by 2PM yesterday.
Wm said he felt a bit anxious about the whole adventure, but he looked cool to me.

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