Thursday, April 29, 2010

Hard Day at the Gila

We were packed up and waiting at the street for our lift to Fort Bayard at 815. Our ride came up at 835. Not much gas. Should we get gas now or hurry on to the Fort. Greg Kraus sat in the back and changed and used some of my sun screen.
By the time we found the boys at the Fort and loaded up their bags and chairs, it was 5 minutes to the start of the Pro 1 race.
Rush off back toward town and there is a Walmart gas station. We'll do this like a Nascar fill up. I was running the card, but Wm forgot where the gas cap button was. So I reached back in and got that. I got the nozzle and pushed mid grade. Wm got the inner cap and started pumping gas. We agreed on about $30 worth. I said don't bother about a receipt and went to get back in the car. BUT THE DOOR IS LOCKED!
WTF!!! In trying to find the gas cap release, Wm had hit the door lock and the keys are in the car. I ran over to the pay window and yelled that we are locked out and need help to unlock the car. The attendant had a slimjim and a skinhead dressed in camo came up and I asked him to help. He said he had gotten into cars before.
But a new Toyota Highlander Hybrid is a little hard and it took him about 15 minutes. I went to the other side of the car and cried, knowing we were missing the first feed zone.
We tried a short cut, but we were behind the peloton. We had to go to Pinos Altos anyway to get Joan's car, cat 3 girlfriend of Zack Davies, to bring it to Fort Bayard. No problem for me to drive her little Honda Civic stick with 218,000 miles on it. Parked near the finish line at Fort Bayard and then headed out to Feed Zone 2. Jon did miss us at Feed Zone 1 and had to go back and get some water for them from another team car as there was no neutral feed at 1.
Passed 2 bottle musettes to each of our 4 cat 1 riders at Feed Zone 2. Jon and Zack were in the front group and Chuck Coyle and Joe Lewis were in a following gruppetto. We took off and took a short cut to get in front of the peloton back to Fort Bayard.
I yelled when I saw Jon coming in with the front group. But then Zack came in at the end of that group that had strung out and where was Jon? Then finally he walks over to the car with bandages on. He was on fifth wheel with a good chance at third when he got edged into the dirt and took a tumble. He jumped back up and was passing people and was still in that front group and in front of Lance, but not where he could have been.
Back in the car and waiting out of the horrid wind, 40 mph and gusting to 60mph, when Chuck says he thinks Greg Kraus our cat 2 rider will win his race. And then Greg comes in, the solo winner. Happy Day!

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