Friday, December 4, 2009

Traveling Home from Mexico

Waiting in the Puerto Vallarta airport. The flight will be about 1 1/2 hours late, so far. Spent the last 150 pesos on 2 bits of hand embroidery of a rooster and a wild red bunny. Bought here in the airport at a pretty art shop near where we are sitting. I think I will sew them on 2 small pillows for 2 grandchildren.
Going home with the hair braids. Wm thought I should wear them home. They are growing out a bit. I will have to make a hairdresser appointment to have them taken out as I sure can't.
Sounded like Jasmine was glad to get home. I think she missed her friends a lot. Even with the 2 hours of conversation on the international Skype Richard bought for her phone.
Overall I think the trip was a success. Parties were good and children played nice together. But I agree with Frank that the 10th anniversary should be closer. I am sure he would be agreeable to have it in Redding or Nevada City. That would be 2014. Just before our 50th in 2015. Hopefully a Caribbean cruise with family and friends.
Wondering if Ben is missing me. He was getting into a habit of wanting to see me as soon as he got up. I did enjoy playing with him. He is so eager to learn everything. I hope it will work out for us to show up at Palo Duro in April with the RV to join the children's campout.
Part of my carry on is a painting I bought today. I will group this chicken painting with the 2 prints I already planned to put on the east kitchen wall.
We did get to Vitae for lunch. It was excellent. They even make whatever flavor of agua fresca you want. So since I liked the agua fresca at Maria Gallo's so well I had carrot orange. William had the special grilled tuna sandwich. Thankfully he shared a bit with me. I had the spinach quiche that was also very good. I agree with Robbin about the bread spread. We also had lovely salmon rolls for an appetizer. The people at the next table said they had already been there 4 times this week. They were asking for recipes also.
An airplane has arrived at gate B6. Now for unloading and plane cleaning. Boarding now in 10 minutes. So I will sign off.
Pretty uneventful flight except for the plethora of crying babies. Thanks to Jon for the music and William for the ear buds. Since the plane was late the meal was late. I touched William to ask him when he thought they would serve dinner. He startled and hastily pulled out his earbud and it came detached and the earbud stuck in his ear. He was mad at me and considered it my fault that the earbud got stuck and it took him about 20 minutes he says to get it out and made his ear hurt. I think most of the 20 minutes was spent glaring at me. The real problem was that he had chosen window seats for both of us and I was seated at his request behind him. I told him I was sorry about his ear later, but I did not try to talk to him again on the plane as it was noisy.
Then at immigration we were shuttled to a special area in immigration and waited for about 1/2 hour to be told that there is a William Allen Baker on the watch list--just with a different birthday. When we went in the special room they said “what have we here? Two Americans?” William was very mad about the delay and told the security people off.
Then at CitiGarden they tried to stiff us on the parking. We had stayed one night on the 12th for 14 days of parking and then tonight for 7 days of parking and have only used 19 of the 21 days.
So maybe there were some problems getting home and we are not home yet.
12/4/09 Arrived home and I want these braids out. Took me two days to get them all out and it looks like there is a small gray animal in my bathroom trash can with all the hair I shed.

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