Wednesday, August 12, 2009

What do I believe?

I believe that those people who are being manipulated by corporate interests to protest as tea-baggers and as disruptors of town hall meetings had their origins in the nasty lovers of Palin--the ones who reveled in the calling of Obama a lover of terrorists--the ones who liked Obama monkey dolls. These people are being manipulated to be the brown shirts of our time. We are headed toward a combo theocracy/corporatocracy. Lip service will be given to religious interests. Abortion will be banned. Gays will be outlaws. Women will have few rights. Blacks and browns will have fewer. Poor people will have none. In the interest of saving money, Social Security and Medicare will be done away with as will all services for the less fortunate. The only rights will be what is in the interests of corporations and the rich who will control the police state that was formerly called the United States of America. Of course if you cannot pay for health services, you will have the right to die. The new name of this country will be the Sovereign States of America. But the central government police state will rule with an iron hand. Democracy will be in name only and we will effectively devolve into a fascist state with privileges for a few and equality for none.

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