Saturday, July 4, 2009

Almost out

The rest of the kitchen is in boxes. Eating up what remains around so that there will be little to get out of the frig before it is moved into the garage. It's nice out here at the end of the yard. Cool in the shade and if it does get too hot I can just get in the pool. William is in the only cool room in the house--Jon's old room--the computer room in it's most recent incarnation. He is throwing out most of the stuff he had brought home from work. Realizing if he had not looked at it in years it was not worth keeping. People ask if we are having a garage sale with all the furniture in the driveway. But until Bill is done with the clear coat over the color epoxy coat on the floor we can't move anything in. We have ordered the tub and kitchen sink and many faucets so the plumber will have all the rough in stuff. Also ordering ceiling fans. Have to get busy on a few light fixtures. Things are probably going to move fast now. The roof is fully done. But the gutters were trash and will need all new. We'll pay for this somehow.

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