Sunday, February 8, 2009


Sierra is in the Hospital. After a lot of blood work it has been determined that she has some sort of unknown infection. So they are giving her IV fluids and antibiotics and trying to see if she will eat. If all goes well, she should come home on Monday.
The doc says she must have been sick for a while, though according to dad she seemed quite ordinary until about Wednesday. I took her to the vet on Friday as she did look thin and scruffy and would not even sniff a can of Fancy Feast. She just curled up and looked like she planned to die. She made no fuss when dad put her in the cat cage and only gave 3 soft meows on the way to the vet's. I told them to watch out for her if she got to feeling better as she will try to bite a stranger.


Mimi said...

Update on Sierra. She got a shot of long acting antibiotic on Friday and IV fluids over the weekend. She started eating on Sunday, but spiked a temperature this AM. She has been started on oral antibiotics and continues on IV fluids and will have blood work rechecked on Tuesday AM. Hopefully she is well enough to come home on oral antibiotics on Tuesday. She tried to bite the Dr while being given the oral antibiotic, so that is a good sign.

Mimi said...

Sierra continues to do better and am to call the vet late AM tomorrow. So she will probably go home tomorrow on oral antibiotics and possible subcutaneous fluids. I know the principle of that so I assume I could do it with a cat, with William holding her down.

Mimi said...

Sierra is home and looking much better. She has pills to take and special food. She is hiding under the porch right now. But it is cold so I am sure she will be back up with the others in their warm beds soon.