Monday, November 10, 2008


Problems have come up with recycling. 1. Because we are buying less junk from China. 2. China is buying less recycled plastic and paper to make containers to contain junk to ship back to us. 3. So recyclers are paying little or nothing for recycled paper and plastic. 4. So pick-up services may start charging more for recycling as recycled items build up. 5. So we either start generating less plastic and paper waste or we start learning how to use recycled waste in the US.
There are small companies that make useful products out of recycled products. We need to patronize these companies, allowing them to grow, and provide some small business subsidies to other innovations for the use of recycled plastic and paper.
For example, I just found a company that makes 50 year guarantee plastic lumber in Shingle Springs that may be a good choice for our deck and railings.

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